Seattle Police called for library scare

At approximately 2:45 this afternoon, Seattle Police responded to a call from Safety and Security after two students contacted them about a suspicious individual entering the library. The students believed the man had a weapon on him.

According to a campus wide e-mail sent by Vice President of Business and Planning Don Mortenson, police determined “there was no threat to occupants of the Library or to the rest of [the] community.”

After the police cleared the area, the man left without incident.

Senior Theresa Ammerman, who works at the Library, said the individual was supposedly on the third floor of the library when police arrived.

Students were escorted out by library staff and told to move to the walkway between Marston Hall and the Dravus parking lot. The library staff also cleared students from Martin Square.

President Phil W. Eaton initially found out about the situation after seeing multiple police cars parked outside Demaray Hall and seeing several police officers with automatic weapons enter the Library. Eaton said that it was a great relief that the situation was a false alarm.

SPU security officer Nathan Morehouse, who responded to the call, said that the response from the Seattle police was the fastest he had seen for any campus call.

Mortenson’s e-mail also stated that if students see suspicious activity on campus, they should report it to the office of Safety and Security at 206-281-2911.

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