Tuition pays for muzzles, decorations

President Phil W. Eaton has increased tuition by 6.75 percent for the upcoming academic year. In the recent e-mail describing this increase, it wasn’t clear about exactly where our tuition dollars were going. Eaton mentioned new faculty positions and more financial aid, but wasn’t specific as to how much of the tuition increase is going […]

Students have sticky fingers

Knife smuggling. Elaborate heists. Thieves everywhere you look. You’d think we were at a correctional facility. Nope. Just a private Christian university. OK, the knives are butter knives, the heists involve stealthily dumping cereal into Ziploc bags and the thieves typically steal bananas. But still, we have a problem. Last week, Gwinn Commons spiced things […]

A whore-ible new trend

I am not a whore. Despite what some of you may have read on my whiteboard, heard in dinner conversation, and/or joked about in passing, I have a legitimate, non-degrading job, thank you very much. In light of the discussions during Violence Against Women Awareness Week, I just wanted to take this time to do […]