A ‘different story’ portrayed

WASHINGTON — Jehan Harney knows the images by heart. Most Americans do. The bearded men in head wraps with ammunition bandoliers ringing their chests. Women draped in heavy cloth wailing over coffins. The grim faces of the Sept. 11 hijackers. It is all, she fears, that Americans see when they think of Muslims. Muslims with […]

Clinton stages comeback

AUSTIN, Texas, March 5 — Hillary Rodham Clinton elbowed her way to victories Tuesday in Ohio and Texas, snapping Barack Obama’s winning streak and resuscitating her flagging bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. Addressing supporters in Columbus, Ohio, an exultant Clinton declared, “We’re just getting started.” Obama, appearing disappointed, insisted the contest was still his […]

Seattle Police called for library scare

At approximately 2:45 this afternoon, Seattle Police responded to a call from Safety and Security after two students contacted them about a suspicious individual entering the library. The students believed the man had a weapon on him. According to a campus wide e-mail sent by Vice President of Business and Planning Don Mortenson, police determined […]

Metropolitan speaks to TSU

In a stark contrast to the usually casual attire found on students and faculty at SPU, the most reverend Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia spoke to School of Theology students yesterday dressed in long, black traditional Eastern Orthodox robes. Bishop Kallistos, born Timothy Ware, has long been recognized as one of the leading Eastern Orthodox theologians […]

Senate OKs Heath concert

After two on-campus concerts featuring prominent artists fell through, it looks like SPU will finally have a big name artist come play for students. On Monday night, student senate passed a $6,919.75 proposal to fund a spring concert featuring Christian artist Brandon Heath. The concert, planned by ASSP Core, is scheduled to take place in […]

Waiting for club status once again

The group Haven’s application to become an ASSP club has been deferred for the second time this year. In an e-mail sent to Haven leaders on Feb. 26, Kellie Hicks, vice president of campus activities and the Committee for Student Clubs (CSC) Chair, told the leaders that the CSC did not approve or deny club […]

Cancellation explained

KSPU station manager Tyler Santoro came before student senate Monday night to read an apology for the cancelation of the Aqueduct concert. The concert, planned by Lingua and KSPU, was originally scheduled for Feb. 16. It was cancelled the Thursday before due to low ticket sales, Santoro said in senate. “I would like to recognize […]

DMD show finds venue

The Rock for DMD Research concert planners have found a venue. After they found out in late February that the benefit concert could not be held as planned in SPU’s Royal Brougham Pavilion, junior Conrad Reynoldson and his team of 30 volunteers were pressed to find a venue for the concert scheduled for April 11. […]