Falcon Gymnastics – Photo slideshow

<font face="+2">The Falcon has gathered several photos of the gymnastics meet between the Falcons and the Air Force Academy. To view all pictures of the day’s event, please follow this link:</font> <a href="http://www.thefalcononline.com/specials/Gym22708/1.html" target="_BLANK" height="600," width="650">View Complete Photo Gallery</a> This article was imported from The Falcon’s Records If you find an error, mistake, or omission due to […]

Iraqi soldiers lack local trust

MOSUL, Iraq — The mission was as dangerous as any that American troops could face in Mosul. An Iraqi informant had tipped them off about an enormous stockpile of homemade explosives and rocket-propelled grenades hidden along a city block within a few hundred yards of the place where 15 tons of explosives had blown up […]

Violence against women uncovered

Uncensored footage of the infamous Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident. Lap dances. Thongs. Girls in bikinis dancing suggestively for expectant rap artists. The end of the film shown at the forum "MTViolence: Violent Media Exposed" brought more than one of the 45 attending students to tears. "MTViolence" was one of three forums addressing partner violence, […]

A discerning look at the 1960s

Psychedelic music, free love, "hippies, drugs, the Vietnam War and rock and roll" usually define the 1960s. But the forces of movements that truly define the time were also civil rights, women’s rights and free speech. The first History Symposium, hosted by the History Club Hindsight, "1960s: Then and Now," sought to raise questions and […]

CSMC pay reevaluated by senate

When senior Stacey Donnell applied for one of the two Campus Student Ministry Coordinator (CSMC) position’s last February, she knew that her stipend would not be fixed until spring quarter, when ASSP’s Compensation Review Committee (CRC) scrutinizes the payroll. What she did not know was that student senate has the final say. On May 4, […]

Doors close on DMD concert

As the saying goes, "The show must go on." For a group of about 30 volunteers, the majority of whom are SPU students working to organize a benefit concert for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), their hope is that the saying holds true. Positive things have been happening with the planning for the concert, junior Conrad […]