Student Spotlight

In "Student Spotlight," we approach random students on campus and ask them to share a little about themselves and some of their opinions on recent issues and life at SPU. You could be next!

Sophomore Eric Leaman

Major: Pre-Med

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Why did you choose SPU?

Originally the girl that I was dating was going here, but another big reason was because the pre-med program…. It actually had a really good success level for the students that go through the pre-med track…. I’d rather have a lot easier job getting into med school than making it harder on myself in the future.

Do you know what you want to do once you finish med school?

I’d like to be a physician, but I don’t want to work here in the states. I’d like to go work in…Ecuador, maybe open a clinic or something down there…. Also, Teach for America…[teach] some inner-city kids and stuff….

Where do you currently live?

I’m on campus. I’m in Fifth West Ashton.

What’s your mode of transportation around the city?

Bus and bike. I don’t have a car…. It’s kind of a pain. I bum rides off everybody else.

Do you have reasons to go out in the city?

A lot of the time…it’s to go out to eat….[to] get away, go to coffee shops. There’s the Columbia Tower. The Starbucks on the 40th floor, I love going down there…you’re on the 40th floor so you’re looking around…and [you’ve] got a great view and you don’t have to pay to go up to the top….

How do you study? Do you have certain habits or techniques?

When I get off campus I can study really well…. When I’m on campus I can’t study in the dorms. There’s too many distractions…. I usually try to keep away from my computer, because it kind of just distracts me a lot. So I’ll just bring the bare minimum, so if I’m working on a paper or something I’ll just bring a pen and a notebook…. so I can just write it down, then I can type it up later…then I’m not tempted to just surf the net or whatever….

So you drink coffee to help. Do you have any favorites?

I have a couple. I like caramel macchiatos a lot. White chocolate mochas…the problem with Starbucks is that they don’t have…Mexican hot chocolate. El Diablo up on Queen Anne…that’s the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

Is El Diablo your favorite place?

To get drinks and stuff? Yeah…. It’s a little bit busier, a little bit more hectic in there, so that’s why I like going to Starbucks to study…. They definitely have the most original drinks, I think.

Favorite Seattle restaurant?

I loved Pete’s Pizza when it used to be here. It’s not here anymore. The calzones were incredible. The 5 Spot. The 5 Spot’s real good for breakfast….the atmosphere, too, because it changes. Each month they have…a new theme….They’re constantly changing the menu…. Any time you go it’s usually something new.

Would you be or are you a vegetarian?

I’ve tried to do that…like Daniel in the Bible…trying to do like vegetables and water. It doesn’t work. I can’t do it…. I need meat.

Any recent movies that you really enjoyed?

"Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg. Real sweet movie…and then "Live Free or Die Hard."

Favorite movie(s)?

A Cinderella Story….That’s my favorite movie of all time. That’s like my deep dark secret that everybody has.

Favorite musician, composer or band?

I’m really a big fan of "Angels and Airwaves" right now. Classic musicians, pianists and stuff…probably Rachmaninoff. He had some real good stuff…. "Angels and Airwaves," definitely, and "Relient K."

What are you currently listening to?

Currently I’m listening to "Quiet Drive," "Rage Against the Machine," and "Angels and Airwaves."

If there were only one concert you could go to in the rest of your life, past or present, what would that be?

I would say Steven Curtis Chapman…. He’s a blast onstage. He’s amazing…he knows how to entertain a crowd real well…. To go see him with "The Great Adventure" CD, that would’ve been money. Those were, like, the golden years.

Any hobbies or interests that define you?

Music and sports. Primarily sports. Baseball, football, basketball…[and] music…I’m listening to music constantly…. I love hanging out with friends…getting to know them on a more personal level….

If you knew you were going to die in 24 hours, what would you have to do on your last day alive?

I’d want to go see my family…. I still haven’t gone skydiving yet. I’d like to go skydiving. I’d love to go, like, in an F-22 or something like that…just take a joy ride in it. I have an incredibly intense fear of dark roller coasters. One more roller coaster in the dark. See if I can actually do it. Get the guts up to go on a roller coaster….Space Mountain scares the heck out of me….

What’s your opinion of 37five as a replacement for CFE?

They have some issues to work out, I think…. I lead a small group, and you want to take these guys to 10 things. Going to 10 different events in a quarter is a lot, to get all your guys to go every Tuesday morning along with doing small group already…it’s not asking a ton of time, but it’s just tough to get everybody together…. I think it’d be more successful if they offered more money…if groups had more money to do something with…. Five guys could almost pitch in that much money. If you take a budget cut here, a budget cut there… I think if they just upped it a little bit more, to make it worthwhile, like $500, that sounds a little bit better than $375. You just can’t do a whole lot with it.

Favorite current presidential candidate or one you would probably vote for?

Definitely not Hillary Clinton. If she becomes president, I’m moving to Canada. America is not ready for a woman president. I don’t think anyone is ready for that. Of course, some people are, apparently, because they’re voting for her. Other than her, though, John McCain. I really do like John McCain. And I like Huckabee. I haven’t really decided between the two….

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