Musical phenomenon

Welcome to a phenomenon. Disney sells it on ice, remixed, on stage, in a book, by soundtrack, on TV and on DVD, and viewers from tots to Seattle Pacific 20-somethings are buying "High School Musical" (HSM). As the movie’s culminating song proclaims, "We’re All in This Together," prepubescent and post-diploma alike. The story is simple: […]

Beating those winter blues

It’s January. The cozy, tinselly feelings that come with carols, cookies and Christmas break are fizzling fast and are rapidly being replaced by a desolate, bleak frame of mind, otherwise known as "winter blues." But before you sit yourself down for a pity party brought on by grey weather and irritable people, take a moment […]

Gravity continues upward trend

In 2007, Gravity Payments, a Seattle-based credit card processing company, processed $1 billion worth of bank card payments for businesses all across the United States and expanded its workforce from 15 full-time employees to 28. CEO Dan Price said he expects his company made an estimated $3 million in revenue last year. Not bad for […]