Student Spotlight

In "Student Spotlight," we approach random students on campus and ask them to share a little about themselves and some of their opinions on recent issues and life at SPU. You could be next! Sophomore Eric Leaman Major: Pre-Med Hometown: Boise, Idaho Why did you choose SPU? Originally the girl that I was dating was […]

More than just black and white

Since Sept. 11, the Middle East has been brought to the forefront of U.S. citizens’ minds. Not until the past two or three years, though, have many filmmakers really begun to focus their talents on addressing issues relating to that part of the world. American directors’ recent film offerings on this front have been lackluster, […]

Social class breached

Water enters onto the stage in a sparkling gown. Cool as a cat, water dances with, hurts and threatens to swallow a handicapped man who splashes into a pool on stage. Actress Nike Imoru does remarkable work personifying the cause behind the disaster in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. Imoru tries to seduce a […]

Reaching people with stories

Jan Vallone Roberts loved to write as a child, and always knew she wanted to teach. After practicing law for 20 years, Roberts finally decided to follow her dream and became a teacher in 2002. Now, Roberts is an adjunct professor at SPU, and she is expanding upon her interests in writing and teaching. Part […]

A clearer view of Judaism

Will Berkovitz lived with his family in Israel for two years, though he says his two sons, Nativ and Edan, speak better Hebrew than he does. An ordained Jewish rabbi, Berkovitz now lives in Seattle, where he works with Jewish young adults at the University of Washington (UW). Berkovitz, the executive director of the UW […]

Weighing costs to study abroad

Molly MacGregor came to SPU in the fall of 2005 knowing she wanted to study abroad. Last quarter, MacGregor, who is majoring in the international affairs track of the political science major, was able to spend nearly four months in Russia through the Russia Studies Program of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities’ (CCCU) […]