Creepy new plays bring classic scares

"Was there ever a mad man so wise as this?" the narrator asks, his voice cracking with emotion. A madman indeed, Eric Riedmann’s performance in Stone Soup Theatre’s adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s "The Tell-Tale Heart" will have you believing in his insanity. "The Tell-Tale Heart," is the second and most frightening of three one-act […]

Mexican heritage celebrated in Seattle Center fiesta

Saturday and Sunday marked the Fifth Annual "Dia de Muertos" (or Dia de los Muertos) celebration at Seattle Center’s Center House. The event focused on reaffirming traditions of the Mexican culture and helping younger generations understand their culture, traditions and heritage, Isaac Hernández Ruiz, Artistic Director and co-producer of the event, said through a translator. […]

Masturbation taboo for a reason

Cleaning the rifle, jiggling the jewelry, whipping the one-eyed wonder weasel, or how about the dishonorable discharge? These are just a few terms used to describe masturbation, a self-gratifying and "natural" act society thinks is OK. My personal experience is that without perfect adherence to abstinence; there can only be feelings of guilt, shame, and […]