Ad culture leaves America needing hope

America is driven by a celebrity and advertising culture, and, amidst the hip and the hype, American’s hopes are frustrated, William Woodward, professor of history, said. By applying references from the advertising industry and C.S. Lewis’s "The Great Divorce," Woodward presented "Hip, Hype, or Hope? Understanding Underlying Tendencies in the Culture We Engage," a breakout […]

Raising funds through pet photos

Just past Pura Vida, on the left wall, 23 photos were on display on Monday afternoon. Photos of puppies in pumpkins, dogs jumping, cats lounging and a wild animal or two made up Animals Are Really Fantastic’s (AARF) photo contest. Wanting to connect their love for animals to the SPU community, AARF decided to host […]

Dan is the man

Romantic comedies aren’t really known for their complex characters, well-written scripts or good acting. Yet, with "Dan in Real Life," the new comedy from "About a Boy" writer Peter Hedges, this is exactly what Hollywood has given viewers. This delicate, sweet and quietly powerful tale about family and love succumbs too often to the conventions […]

Into the woods for music, whimsy

The words "Once upon a time" have great expectations that come along with them, from princesses, witches, magic and enchantment, to "happily ever after." In "Into the Woods," 5th Avenue Theatre’s new musical production, expectations are twisted and tweaked, forming a whole new kind of fairytale. The show opens up with your standard fairytale stock […]