Pair of seniors participate individually in West Regional

Seniors Debra Huss and Sarah Sullivan had the privilege to participate in one final meet before this week’s national championships, squaring off against Division I competition. They took part in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Gymnastics West Regional Championships last Saturday night at the University of California. Both women contended in the all-around competition representing […]

Falcons ready for nationals

Things are heating up for the SPU gymnastics team, and not just because they captured the conference title for the second year in a row two weeks ago. The Falcons have taken those two weeks to prepare for the 2007 USA National Championships, which they will be hosting April 19-21 here in the Royal Brougham […]

Falcons row through win, rain

SPU braved the steady rain and sporadic headwinds and emerged with three victories at the Covered Bridge Regatta on Saturday in Eugene, Ore. The women’s varsity eight boat beat West Region rivals Humboldt State by a one-seat margin with a winning time of 7:7 "convincingly," head coach Keith Jefferson said. "[This was] a key win," […]

Split squad earns victories

SPU track and field athletes competed at what head coach Karl Lerum called "one of the premier track meets in the world" last weekend, and the Falcons did not shy away from the stiff competition. The Mt. SAC Relays, held last Wednesday through Sunday in Los Angeles, Calif., brought together top collegiate and professional athletes. […]

Writer, visionary, legend

One week ago today, writer Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. died in his New York home as a result of brain injuries sustained in a fall several weeks earlier, reports an article in The New York Times. He was 84. His novels include "The Sirens of Titan," which you probably have not read, and "Slaughterhouse-Five," which you […]

A decent discussion

Call me a pessimist, or, as I prefer, a realist, but I was expecting things to go catastrophically awry while Soulforce was on campus last Wednesday. And you can hardly blame me if you have heard of the multiple negative receptions the organization has received in the past from "Christian" universities. Yet to my great […]

Staff editorials

We’ve all been there. The car in the adjacent lane swerves in front of you, and you hit the brakes as the driver, ever-present cell phone attached to his or her ear, gives you a friendly wave while cutting you off. Whether the congenial waver is in fact just a bad driver, in a hurry, […]

Movie openings

"Fracture" (R) Friday <i>Synopsis:</i> After finding out his young wife is having an affair, Ted Crawford plans the perfect murder. He confesses when found out by the police, giving a seemingly "slam dunk" case to District Attorney Willy Beachum, but both will find that a "fracture" is seen in every "perfect" faade. (See full review […]