Stressful, but still fun

Months of planning, two weeks of craziness, one night of fame and then it’s over. But there’s still homework and classes on Monday morning.

Welcome to the annual residence hall events.

Moyer Hall was awash in music, lights and dancing as its residents hosted the Experience Moyer Project (EMP) Saturday night.

Ashton Hall residents decked out in various costumes congregated in Royal Brougham Pavilion on Sunday evening to compete in the eighth annual Ashton Cup, in which Fourth West men won for the third year in a row.

Hill Hall will gather Saturday in Royal Brougham to participate in its own event: Decade Skate.

Students differed on how the timing of the events has affected their schedules. Some said they enjoyed having the hall events stacked on top of each other.

Freshman Abigail McPheaison, a Moyer resident, said she thinks it’s really fun having one weekend where there’s something to do every night.

Jessica Innes, a freshman from Hill, said, "Half of me likes having them all together, although it can be a little overwhelming."

Innes also said the close proximity of the events helps build excitement, "like a sugar rush."

Other students, however, noted the sharp toll on their schedules.

Freshman Kris Williams, a Hill resident, said late night meetings have robbed his hall members of their sleep.

"They’ve been doing 10, 11 o’clock meetings," he said. "Sometimes they’ve been pushing midnight."

Junior Nicholas Strange of Ashton said that the two days before Ashton Cup were really intense.

"I haven’t done any homework," he said. "I haven’t studied all weekend."

History Professor Rodney Stiling said that his Monday morning class attendance was down, perhaps as much as 10 percent, but said he was unable to draw a direct correlation with the hall events.

"I can tell you my numbers were down, but I cannot tell you why," he said.

However, Professor of Theology Bob Drovdahl reported normal attendance to his Monday morning freshman class. Drovdahl said he was unaware of any change in students from the weekend events.

"I wasn’t conscious of any effect on behavior," he said. "I had a journal entry due, but I think generally the response was pretty much the same."

Senior Nate Salciccioli, an Ashton resident, said having all of the hall events together was counter-productive.

"All the halls have to prepare for their own event. It’d be great if they spread it out more," Salciccioli said.

Sophomore Michael Dallas Miller, the Ashton Hall president, said that because of basketball, the gym was only available for one Saturday night during winter quarter. Normally, Hill Hall holds Decade Skate in the spring, but they switched and took the one winter Saturday this year, he said.

Scheduling Ashton Cup for the Sunday before Decade Skate was the best time for Ashton Hall Council this year, Miller said.

Junior Damian Rowe, a Moyer resident, said he did not think the scheduling was a problem since people will pick the events that are most interesting to them, although he did say spreading the events out would probably be better.

Freshman Sarah Watkus, also of Moyer, said she would be too tired from setting up for EMP to attend the other events.

Tim Kind, a freshman from Ashton, said having the events so close "kind of prevents people from going to other events because they’re so caught up in doing their own thing."

"Next weekend, I’m just not gonna feel like it," he said.

Ruth Eitemiller, a Moyer freshman, said the purpose of EMP was to show other students what Moyer is like and "show it off to the rest of the campus."

Sophomore Rachel Loveday, the Ashton Hall publicist, said Ashton Cup allows floors to combine costumes, music, lip-syncing, dancing and creativity to compete for the legendary Ashton Cup.

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