Cultural crisis found in West

Atop the Grande Arch in Paris, France, a structure dedicated to the celebration of human rights, George Weigel could see Paris stretching before him. As he studied the gargoyles on Notre Dame, a question floated into his mind. Which culture could better protect modern human rights — the Enlightenment Age that erected the arch that […]

ASSP Senate freezes general fund

The ASSP senate has taken action against a budgeting system that has proven problematic during the last two school years, said ASSP officers. The 2006-07 general fund has been drained sooner than expected, said Bethany Krumm, ASSP president. On Monday, the senate voted to freeze the budget and will not consider any financial requests from […]

Tuition hike causes woes

In life after SPU, Lindsay Melton will always remember the relationships she has built with friends while bowling at 2:30 a.m., dressing up like the Spice Girls, Bible study and going to bubble tea every Thursday in her five quarters here. Melton will soon be leaving these friends and heading back to her home in […]

Student engages history he lived

Norman Anderson has lived the history he’s studying. He was involved in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, has traveled through most of Europe, including England, France and Germany, and has taught English literature at the university level for almost 45 years. At 83, he’s the oldest registered student at SPU, and […]