Back home, decades later

Current SPU students may still be wondering what lies ahead for them after college, but many SPU alumni enjoy looking back. SPU’s 2007 Homecoming weekend brought hundreds of SPU alumni back to campus, each following their own separate roads in life. Alumni visiting the campus were quick to discover how different that campus has become […]

Senate votes in Sullivan

ASSP has a new vice president of finance. After serious debate, the student senate voted 16-5 to confirm junior Matt Sullivan to the position, replacing Nathan Goode, who resigned earlier this quarter. Sullivan’s confirmation came after more than half an hour of questions and 45 minutes of closed-session debate. Kristina Frey, senate appointment committee member […]

Overlapping tension

When the knife flashed in front of her friend’s face on a November evening in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare, junior Abigail Stahl knew they were about to be mugged. The black man pushed, cut the strap of her friend’s purse and ran. Within seconds the two white women were surrounded by black Zimbabwean men. […]