Staff editorials

They call her "Pillow Angel." Ashley, a 9-year-old girl, will never grow up to be an adult. According to her parents on their online blog about Ashley,, she had a normal birth, but did not develop as she should have. Eventually, she was diagnosed with static encephalopathy. Ashley cannot walk, talk, or move, and […]


"Spelling Bee" Musical <i>Friday</i> The idea of a spelling bee may cause some to run for backstage, but the six children in the Tony-award winning musical "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" playing at the Paramount Theatre this week, struggle not just with A-Z but puberty as well, which makes for some interesting, and […]

Paradox lives on

It can be said that Seattle has historically been the site of an ongoing war on all-ages music venues. In 1985, Seattle enacted the Teen Dance Ordinance, putting tough restrictions on underage concerts and dance clubs, effectively wiping out every all-ages venue in the city over a period of several years. In 1999, Mars Hill […]

There’s no place like the dorm

If you stopped by Kramer Nirider’s and Aaron Jones’ newly re-arranged room on Fourth Hill, are careful to keep your gaze straight ahead and disregard the bunk bed, 36-inch flat screen TV and college paraphernalia on the side, you might find yourself in a corporate business office. Two chairs glide smoothly over a shiny, self-made, […]

Stressed? Slack off

Do your homework, study hard, and start slacking. Oddly enough, the benefits of slacking are as rewarding as a gold star on a term paper. In this case the term "slacking" is short for slacklining, an outdoor activity that has become increasingly popular on the SPU campus. "Slackers" are people who slackline. Slacking looks like […]