Injury in San Jose

With only one event left in the competition, the SPU gymnastics team watched as sophomore Danna Nelson ran toward the vault, launched into the air and landed short, not fully completing a flip in her warm-up routine. The Falcons looked in dismay and concern, already thinking of what this could mean for the future of […]

Runners set quick marks

These freshmen are fast. Latasha Essien, NyEma Sims, Anna Walters, and Jessica Pixler joined forces and turned heads at the University of Washington Indoor Invitational Saturday. "Latasha, NyEma, Anna, and Jessica Hinton are putting SPU sprinters back on the map," said head coach Karl Lerum after the meet. Coming off a school record performance in […]

Get to know…

Brie Piedmonte <i>Year:</i> Senior <i>Team:</i> Gymnastics <i>Events:</i> Bars, beam, floor <i>Hometown:</i> Phoenix, Ariz. <i>Siblings:</i> Anthony, 23, and Corrine, 16 <i>Majors:</i> Exercise science and psychology <i>Career plans:</i> Become a nurse <i>Favorite gymnastics memory:</i> Her first year when the freshmen gymnasts all pierced their own ears the first night in the dorms <i>Favorite movie:</i> "The Parent Trap" […]

Falcons fall after late run

History repeats itself in ironic ways. Facing near insurmountable odds, the SPU men’s basketball team found themselves down 44-25 at halftime against Central Washington University (CWU) in Ellensburg on Saturday. Shooting a dismal 32.1 percent for the first half, and only sinking four of 11 3-point shots, the Falcons needed all but a miracle to […]

Shooting record shattered

Setting a school 3-pointer record along the way, the SPU women’s basketball team (12-5, 5-1) foiled the Dixie State Rebels’ attempted coup Saturday afternoon and went on to win 106-62 at Royal Brougham. It was a painful first meeting for the team hailing from Utah. Throwing their depth, superior experience, and the home crowd at […]

Not each church is equal

Multiple choice: If you had the option to join a church where you were expected to: set aside nine hours of your day every Sunday to be there, provide spiritual fulfillment for everyone but yourself and attend even though you knew no one, would you: a. Pretend to forget. b. Shout, "look over there!" and […]

U.S. aids Chavez

Hugo Chavez is known for his inflammatory, anti-capitalist, and anti-American remarks. The Venezuelan president, who emulates Fidel Castro and strives for socialism, referred to the president of the United States in September as the "devil," and just last month, after being re-elected, claimed his victory as "another defeat for the devil, who tries to dominate […]