Eaton: fresh focus

President Philip W. Eaton is back from a week-long trip to Asia with a renewed focus on what he called soft diplomacy, or building bridges between American and Asian higher education. Eaton traveled with U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, Assistant Secretary of State Dina Powell and 11 other college presidents, spending seven days traveling […]

Wind kills old tree

A 100-year-old elm tree fell in Tiffany Loop late Monday morning, leaving a large clean-up and questions about the stability of other trees on campus. The cause of the fall was most likely a combination of root corrosion and the recent record-setting rainfall that softened the ground, said Jared Alexander, an arborist with the Seattle […]

Staff editorials

The buzz created by Mars Hill lead pastor Mark Driscoll’s comments in a recent blog about Colorado pastor Ted Haggard’s adulterous scandal has resulted in the organization of a peaceful protest. The protest will begin at 10 a.m. on Sunday outside the Ballard campus. According to — a local grassroots organization — the protest […]

Mel, Kramer; who’s next?

In today’s world full of technological and social advancements, it is hard to imagine that backward ways of thinking still occur. It is especially hard to encounter such ignorance in stars that society looks up to and admires. So it was extremely difficult for people to comprehend Michael Richards’ rogue performance at a Los Angeles […]

The Number Trail…

<i>The Holiday Spirit</i> 1531 Year of the first printed reference to a Christmas tree, which appeared in Germany. $126 Million dollars earned in 2005 by Oregon farmers in Christmas tree sales, making our neighbor to the south the nation’s Christmas tree capital. No worries, Washington makes the top five along with North Carolina, Michigan, and […]