Meal plan reforms necessary

The students of Seattle Pacific University who eat in Gwinn Cafeteria waste outrageous amounts of food every day. Gazing around at a table packed with students chattering, laughing, and most importantly, eating, they all seem to have something in common — gratification through a meal. Gwinn Commons provides students with a variety of options for […]

Gwinn merits appreciation

Nearly everyone has something to say about Gwinn, and unfortunately the majority of what people say is negative. Unless you’re a person who loves cooking for yourself and all the work that cooking entails — and not everyone is — we all need to stop condemning Gwinn and appreciate just how much they do for […]

Televangelist fools viewers

Many Americans have been led to believe that most televangelists are overzealous, fraudulent, and some are nothing short of being crazy. As a Christian, I am often discouraged to find myself systematically categorized as being of the same mind as these televangelists. Many non-Christians tend to declare motivations when it comes to any religious fervor […]

Staff editorials

Last Monday, the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP) senate gave over a third of their conference budget for the entire year to students going to a multicultural conference. The senators allocated $3,525 to funding 14 students to travel to Ohio for this year’s National Christian Multicultural Student Leaders Conference (NCMSLC), leaving the senate with […]