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Last year, senior Austin Ruhle thought that SPU was missing a certain something.

"I felt that our student body has a sense of community, but lacked a sense of school spirit," he said.

To fix this problem, Ruhle created Falcon Awesome, a school spirit campaign created for the students to support the Falcon athletic program. Ruhle said that the program initially started out as a success, with game attendance higher than it had ever been and over 500 Falcon Awesome T-shirts sold. He also said that the slogan was chanted many times during the games to cheer on SPU’s athletic teams.

"It makes a statement to the community, saying ‘We are Seattle Pacific, and we’re proud about going to this school,’" he said.

However, the campaign also gathered some controversy. Ruhle said that due to complaint letters sent from some of the residence hall staff, ASSP decided to pull the Falcon Awesome program this year after a unanimous officer core decision.

"They didn’t think it was a good way for our student body to be represented," Ruhle said.

Ruhle said that, apart from these few complaint letters, he had only heard positive feedback about the program from students and faculty. He said that he is disappointed that the program is not around this year, but wishes that a new campaign is created that helps to bring the whole student body together.

"We’ll see how students represent themselves," Ruhle said.

Senior Carly Simonson, the public relations manager for ASSP, said that she appreciates Ruhle’s effort to promote school spirit, and does not wish to see it leave SPU.

"We wish to continue Austin’s work rather than stop it," she said.

Set to debut next quarter, ASSP will be unveiling a new school spirit logo in the same vein as Falcon Awesome.

"We still have the same commitment to promote school spirit," she said.

Unlike Falcon Awesome, Simonson said that this new campaign will be much less risquŽ. She also said that the traditional maroon and white colors will be present.

"We still want to see that sea of maroon," she said.

Senior and Vice President of Campus Activities Jake Buter said that unlike Falcon Awesome, this campaign will focus on everything SPU has to offer.

"We want to increase school spirit, not just with athletics, but with fine art and what else this school represents," he said.

Simonson said that there will be more of an advertisement campaign for the new program, with the logo being shown on such things as posters, e-mails, and the Facebook Web site.

She also said that there has been interest by students in forming a school spirit club.

"Students like being a part of something, part of a group," she said.

Despite all of these choices by ASSP, Simonson said that nothing has truly been finalized. She said that if a student has an idea for the new campaign, they will try to integrate it.

"We’re still after the same push for school spirit," she said.

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