Classes cancelled due to ice

SPU students got the chance to miss classes yesterday when they were cancelled due to ice and snowfall. Monday night’s low was 30 degrees, which caused the snow and slush to freeze, creating dangerous driving conditions.

Ice covered Seattle and King County roads yesterday, creating many traffic problems. According to The Seattle Times, Highway 9 in Snohomish County had to be shut down for the first time in a decade.

"They were putting chains on buses," Associate Professor of political science Ruth Ediger said.

She said she noticed that the roads were covered with solid ice yesterday morning when she walked to her office. Most professors and commuter students did not make it onto the SPU campus yesterday.

Tim Ulrich, a professor of sociology, also experienced problems due to the weather. He spent the night in his office Sunday night in order to teach classes the following morning. He didn’t make it into his office yesterday.

"I woke up and heard classes were cancelled, so I went back to sleep," Ulrich said. "It usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get from Lynnwood to Seattle, but with this weather I wouldn’t be surprised if it took a couple hours."

"My wife said it was incredible how many accidents she saw," Ulrich said about his wife returning from the Seahawks game Monday night.

"I live in Bellevue, at the top of a hill, so with all the black ice, I might not even be able to make it to school on Wednesday," senior Brian Ficken said.

Some students didn’t even attend night classes Monday night, when the snowfall first started. Senior Sandra Palo didn’t attend her relationship development class Monday night after it took her roommate, Allison Whitney, an hour to return to their house in Ballard.

"I went to pick up my roommate and there were cars in the middle of the intersection at 24th," Whitney said. "Because of the skidding, they didn’t want to move."

"I saw a lot of accidents [on my drive home]," she said. "People running into parked cars and such."

According to The Seattle Times, the downtown streets in Seattle were packed with traffic due to an accident that occurred near Quest Field and Highway 99. Icy roadways proved to be the biggest problem.

"There’s a lot of ice where I live, in the immediate vicinity," Assistant Professor of history Darrell Allen said.

Allen lives in Magnolia and managed to make the short commute to SPU yesterday.

The heavy snowfall also proved to be an issue. According to The Seattle Times, it was some of the worst snow that state patrol troopers had experienced in about five years.

"When it snows at sea level, that means my house gets a blizzard," Ficken said. "I drove to my friend’s house five minutes away, and I almost got stuck in the snow. And I was driving a Suburban."

As of last night, classes before 9:30 a.m. today were canceled. The Weather Channel’s Web site is predicting more snow tonight. This could prove difficult to professors to make a commute.

"I’ll still try to make it," Ulrich said. "I can’t afford to miss any more classes seeing as how we’re coming up to the end of the quarter."

"I came in because I have things to do," Allen said. "I needed to be here."

The Seattle Times reports that the weather should be warming up sometime next week, but for now, it is an obstacle that both professors and commuter students are finding they need to deal with.

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