Immigrants get younger

NIXON, Texas — Seventeen-year-old Guillermo Antonio Iraheta Hernandez traveled thousands of miles from his native El Salvador only to land in limbo. Left behind more than a decade ago by his parents, illegal immigrants living in Virginia, Iraheta made part of his trek to the United States hidden in the baggage compartment of a Mexican […]

Woirldwide faith

Christianity is no longer the religion of the West, Dr. Joel Carpenter said. Carpenter, director of the Nagel Institute at Calvin College, led this year’s Day of Common Learning at SPU last Wednesday with a speech about the continuous growth of Christianity worldwide, especially in the southern hemisphere. "Christianity has become a worldwide faith," Carpenter […]

Where is Christianity found?

Nigeria still owes $32 billion in foreign loans after paying $16 billion in principal and interest, all on a $5 billion loan, Dr. Kerry Dearborn said. Dearborn, associate professor of theology, highlighted issues of poverty and debt relief in an afternoon session last Wednesday, part of the fifth annual Day of Common Learning. The afternoon […]

Senior connects with kids

Alex Rodriguez, 8, wears black Fila high tops with her yellow, red, and navy blue knee-length school uniform. She only takes off her camouflage "New York" jacket when the room gets too warm and then she is left with a white collared shirt and a blue zip-up fleece that doesn’t quite zip up — it […]

More spam in Webmail

When students check their SPU e-mail accounts, they may find an increase in the amount of spam, or unsolicited mail, in their inboxes as the year progresses. The university receives between 250,000 to 300,000 pieces of e-mail every day, which is filtered through two processors that control all e-mails that comes and goes from people […]

Defining feminism

Seniors Beebe Sharkey and Lindsey Widstrom and junior Megan Leatherman are feminists. But they’re not "raging man haters" and they’ve never burned a bra. Nor do they identify with any negative connotation that may come to mind when the "F" word is used. Tomorrow the three students will go before senate seeking approval for their […]

Pixler takes GNAC meet

For the third time in four years, SPU’s cross country women took first at the Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC) championship on Saturday with freshman Jessica Pixler leading the pack, while the men’s team placed third. At Saint Martin’s University, the women beat Alaska Anchorage, their main competitor through the season, by 10 points with […]

Spiking the competition

Adding yet another victory to their win column, the Seattle Pacific women’s volleyball team dominated Saint Martin’s University Saturday night at Royal Brougham Pavilion and sent them packing in three straight games. Led by junior Alyssa Given and her 12 kills, the Falcons (21-2, 13-0) once again showed their clout in the Great Northwest Athletic […]