Year in review – A quick recovery

Less than 10 months have passed since sophomore Jon Orton’s near-death accident, but he’s already returned to classes full time and is still holding his promise to stay sober. "I just kind of moved back into the college experience," Orton said. "I feel like it was easier than it should have been." He moved into […]

Year in review – Renovations

Starting in May, the 89-year-old Fremont Bridge underwent a massive renovation project, which is scheduled to last until March. The project is expected to add to the volume of traffic, reducing the four-lane bridge to one lane each way, with scheduled complete closures in upcoming months. The Seattle Department of Transportation held a meeting on […]

Year in review – Overcoming madness

Hot tempers, tears and heartfelt discussion marked the last couple of weeks in April as students and faculty spoke out against a Web site some called "hateful," and others called "fun." Sixty-four SPU women had been placed into a rating bracket titled "SPU May Madness," a competition and weblog of profiles created by Matt Gronlund, […]

Year in review – A year of motivation

Campus Ministries hopes to engage the student body by inviting interesting speakers. This last year had some notable examples. Donald Miller, Jim Wallis, and Brian McLaren are just a few of the many speakers that have spoken this past year at SPU. Global Involvement Coordinator Bob Zurinsky helps Campus Ministries choose speakers at SPU. He […]

Year in review – Wounds still healing

Kyle Aaron Huff, 28, made national headlines on March 25, after he shot and killed six young adults and teens at a rave "after-party" in Capitol Hill. For weeks after, Seattle residents questioned the motives of someone that would kill people known for being lighthearted and fun-loving. SPU was also affected by the killings. Tavar […]

Life after college

When Andy Sullivan graduated from SPU in 2002, he knew who his future bride would be, but not where or when he’d land his first job. He took a temporary position at a local law firm’s accounting department and continued to search for a more lucrative and upwardly mobile position. Now married, he has recently […]

Prejudices examined

Mary Lao said it was like a slap in the face to hear others in her American Culture class talk about equal opportunity for races. Lao, a sophomore and the only Asian in the class, said she had been "picked on" the whole quarter, but she ignored it for the most part. "I felt like […]