SPU women: not just pretty faces

I felt utter revulsion just staring at this piece of paper. It seemed harmless: a bracket, names and one ultimate winner. The game: vote to determine the "hottest" SPU woman.

This group was established on the well known site, http://facebook.com, and a similar page can be found online with pictures, summaries and comments on the women. Men are invited to join this group and cast their vote on whom they believe are "worthy" of the 64 selected women, to be bestowed with top honors.

As I glanced down the two lists of names, all female, I was angered, saddened and sickened by the ignorance and vulgarity of my fellow classmates. This list, "May Madness" was meant to compare, reject and eventually wound the spirits of many of my fellow friends, roommates and acquaintances. Seeing the damage that could impair these beautiful women, I was enraged at the idiocy of a few inconsiderate males.

This list, which can be received on request after joining the "Facebook" club "May Madness," is not only a blatant disregard for the spirits, character and beauty of each girl on that list, but also is the complete antithesis of "Christian Brother/Sister-hood." Honor, respect and value are things we expect by the institution of this standard, which we claim to uphold at SPU. But this list, this disgusting evaluation of women is a total disregard for such principle. We’ve essentially become UW; the only difference is we wear crosses around our necks.

At a school where Christian ethics comprise the standards of living, it seems outrageous that this list could even be thought of, let alone actually brought into creation. It sickens me that this is what "morals" and "Christian fellowship" is understood to be by some at our school.

Christina Flint, placed in the sixteenth seed agrees and states, "This is an awful thing. I am shocked and I completely discourage it."

Professor of Christian scriptures, Dr.Wall concurs, saying, "I am deeply disappointed in our men for creating May Madness: God’s grace allows us to do much better than this. I suspect what some on our campus think is ‘good fun,’ or even — ironically so — as ‘honoring’ of various SPU women, is actually subversive of healthy relationships with them: Jesus could not be any clearer in his teaching that how we THINK about or LOOK at another person shapes the character of our friendship with her. The privileging of ‘nice looking’ results in a relationship that is, in fact, only ‘skin-deep.’"

This bracket not only damages the esteem of my fellow friends and acquaintances, but destroys the "Christian community" that is the foundation of our college.

To the persons who created this list: congratulations. You have successfully created a means to damage or destroy the dignity and self-esteem of nearly every girl on the bracket. Way to go, pat yourselves on the back. You should be prided on your great empathy, maturity, and chivalrousness.

To those who claim "she’s just jealous because she’s not on the list" or "it was all in fun, just a joke," only one thing is assured: your parents must have a lot of cash, because you certainly did not use your intelligence to get into SPU. If you seriously want to tell me that I have a secret desire to be compared, judged and/or rejected after being compared to my friend down the hall, then I question your mental stability. If you are suggesting that it was not a big deal, a joke even, then you’d better like TV dinners and WWE because I seriously doubt your chances at redeeming yourself to SPU’s female culture for quite a while.

It may seem obvious what I and many fellow females hope happens to this list but I’ll restate it, just in case the persons who created it are reading and I need to clarify for them. Destroy it. There is nothing good that could possibly develop from its promulgation, other than anger, alienation, jealously and hurt. I’d hope that this is not what the authors wanted, but then again, they created it. I really expect no degree of class or refinement from them.

All I hope is that the women listed on the bracket understand that it is an immature display of uncontrolled hormones. Whatever happens to this list, it should not affect the character, self-respect or esteem of any of my fellow female classmates, listed or not. Though the actions of the few can affect the many, it is my hope that the students at SPU can see this bracket for what it is: a twisted result made in ignorance and idiocy.

All we can hope for now is that the creators of this list see the stupidity and utter tastelessness of the bracket, and realize that it is things like this which distorts the understanding of "Christianity" for not only ourselves, but for all the world to see.

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