Seattle: a sad state of affairs

A word of warning to all of those who are considering a “fanship” with any of the three professional sports teams in Seattle: be prepared for a little taste of hell on earth.

I am convinced that God is a sports fan and even more convinced that he is not a fan of Seattle sports teams. For how naturally beautiful the emerald city is, the success of its sports is about as dark and desolate as the plains of rural Siberia in the winter. Whether it is the un-churched masses or the uncontrollable substance abuse problem (caffeine), God has not shown favor on us.

As a California transplant with roots in the Northwest, I am a unique combination of life-long loyalist and bandwagon jumper. I can remember the summer day in 1991 when I traded for a Ken Griffey Jr. baseball card and unknowingly entered a life of anguish and heartbreak.

Sure the hometown nine have had the “My oh my” experience in 1995 and the record breaking season in 2001. But overwhelmingly, they have been mired in mediocrity and have proved only to be able to deliver empty promises for a fan base starving for a winner.

The Seahawks saga is even worse. A team who hadn’t won a playoff game in 21 years, the ‘Hawks steamrolled through the 2005 season, advancing all the way to the Super Bowl before God intervened in the form of corrupt officials. I regret ever jumping on the bandwagon and purchasing that Seahawks blanket.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of this melodrama is the Sonics. The team that has given the city its only professional championship way back in 1979 (I don’t count the Seattle Storm) is not finding any friends in the city council and could possibly be on its way out of town.

If nothing else, the Seattle sports catastrophe can teach all of us that there is more to life than appearances. Both the Mariners and Seahawks have gorgeous facilities set on the cusp of downtown and the waterfront. The Sonics have an ideal location at the base of Queen Anne hill in the heart of Seattle Center. All three teams have generous, wealthy ownership and yet none of them have found a successful formula. Things aren’t always as they appear or as they should be.

If not for the success of the Falcon athletes I think I might lose all hope. Thank God for SPU.

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