Staff editorials

"If you love your planet. If you love your children. You have to see this film." The white words stand boldly on the black background. Dramatic orchestra music crescendos, and fades as images of hurricane Katrina fill the screen. Out of nowhere, Al Gore begins talking of upcoming environmental disasters. Thus begins the trailer for […]

Check it out

Abdullah Chhadeh & Nara Abdullah Chhadeh and the ensemble Nara are at the University of Washington this Saturday as part of its World Music & Theatre Series. Chhadeh and Nara have developed a sound that blends Arabic quanun with jazz bass and Western percussion, as well as more traditional sounds like the nay, darbuka, and […]

"Rounding Third," headed for home

The baseball diamond at George "Bucky" Phillips Community Park is accented with wayward leaves and fading chalk lines. Birds are chirping and the scent of competition looms in the air around two well-worn benches and an old chain link backstop. This is opening day, and the start of another great season of Little League. The […]

Celebrating student employees

In order to honor what President Eaton defined in his April 18 "Message from the President" as more than 900 student employees, SPU’s Office of Employment held a celebration during the statewide student employment week, announced by Governor Christine Gregoire. "The state recognizes the positive impact that work has on students as they apply classroom […]

From Seattle to Barcelona

Staring out on a full venue, with many supportive SPU students, staff, and alumni cheering them on, Barcelona struck the first chord of their show. Immediately, the crowd was immersed in the music, admiring the obvious passion exuding from the guys as they played their instruments. Barcelona played a sold-out show Friday at The Showbox, […]

Prepping students for workplace

At Northeastern University in Boston, there are new master’s degree programs in biotechnology, bioinformatics, leadership and information assurance–the increasingly popular program that prepares professionals in various fields for careers in safeguarding data. Adelphi University in New York still offers a traditional master’s in psychology, but more students are interested in the newer, more targeted degrees […]

Making way for new hall

Exploding toilets, broken water heaters and electricity that comes and goes almost as frequently as the guests. Sound like a place worth paying upwards of $4,700 to live in for an academic year? For several SPU students, it’s just that. Located west of Demaray Hall and just across the street from Hill Hall, the SPU […]