Urban campuses seek new appeal

PHILADELPHIA — Ten years ago, the University of Pennsylvania was under siege, its ivy towers wreathed by an abandoned industrial wasteland, filth and soaring crime. Parents feared for their children after two student homicides. The neighborhood McDonald’s was nicknamed McDeath. Students were virtual prisoners on campus. Administrators began to worry that enrollment was threatened as […]

Democrats grill nominee Alito

WASHINGTON — Democrats resembled a guerrilla army searching a weak point in a heavily guarded fortress Tuesday as they challenged Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. at his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing. The array of issues Democrats raised reflected the breadth of their concerns about the record of Alito, President Bush’s choice to […]

AIDS Summit relocated to Taylor

Student leadership from SPU’s chapter of Acting on AIDS (AoA) is disappointed, but adjusting to the recent relocation of the Acting on AIDS Student Leadership Summit (the Summit), senior Alicia Apple said, student leader for AoA. The conference was previously scheduled to be held at SPU. The new location of the Summit is Taylor University, […]

Campus goes smoke-free

A new measure established in December prohibits smoking anywhere on the SPU campus, leading students to question how a campus-wide smoking ban will change life on campus. This new measure complies with and endorses Washington’s new law, Initiative 901, which prohibits smoking inside and within 25 feet of restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, businesses, and other […]

More than just the blues

Aches and pains, lack of concentration in school, and apathy were all symptoms she experienced. "My feelings were just dead, and that worried me. I didn’t necessarily feel sad at times. I just didn’t feel," Roxanne said, who asked that her real name not be mentioned, about her depression. Her eating patterns ranged from having […]

Lovejoy given top honor

A four-time all-conference and three-time all-American soccer player has just been awarded her sport’s highest honor. Senior Shannon Lovejoy was recognized recently as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II women’s soccer Player of the Year after leading her team to the finals of the national tournament this past November. For Lovejoy, this accolade […]