Staff editorials

This coming fall, students entering the undergraduate libraries at the University of Texas they may experience a sense of confusion. These students will not be faced with the usual imposing stacks of books. Rather, there will be no books. At all. Undergraduates will find that all of the books have been placed in computer databases. […]

A&E calendar

Today Support the fine arts department at SPU. The annual Spring Concert is tonight in E.E. Bach Theater. The concert features the Percussion Ensemble and is directed by Dan Adams. Cost: Free Time: 7:30 p.m. Location: E.E. Bach Theater Phone: (206) 281-2205 Thursday Spend some time worshipping with SPU’s Gospel Choir. There will be an […]

Alum faces ‘The Donald’

Alex Thomason thinks that most SPU guys are "pussies." "They are totally afraid," he said, laughing. "They are afraid to go up and say, ‘hey, lady, give me your number.’" Instead, they do nothing; they just sit around and think, "maybe she’ll invite me on a roomies date." But before you march out to burn […]

Rockin’ at Sasquatch! festival

The Gorge was rockin’ on Saturday for the Sasquatch! Music Festival. With music styles ranging from alternative to hip hop to electronica and everything in between, the all-day concert attracted thousands of fans to see a total of 26 bands on three different stages. Whether you were there to support your favorite band, enjoy the […]

2004 – 2005 Year in Review

Campus awaits election results Although the new online course evaluations are considered by staff to be far more helpful than their paper predecessors, the rate of student participation has dropped from 80 percent to 53 percent over the past year. "Students need to realize that (filling out course evaluations) is part of the responsibility of […]

‘Deep Throat’ Identity voiced

WASHINGTON — When investigative reporter Bob Woodward wanted to meet Deep Throat, he’d move a flower pot with a red flag to the rear of his apartment balcony. Even more mysteriously, when his top-secret source wanted to meet him, Woodward would open his New York Times, check page 20, and look for a hand-drawn clock […]

Lounges to get revamp during summer

Chris Schumacher, Hill Hall Senator, finally saw a year of hard work pay off last Monday night. After the weekly meeting of the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP) Senate, he was told that the university had taken his suggestions seriously. "The board of trustees met and allocated $70,000 to renovate the Hill Hall and […]