Falcons soar at nationals

Texas might be called the Lone Star state, but SPU produced six stars over the weekend at the 2005 NCAA division II Track and Field National Championships in Abilene, Texas. Junior decathlete Chris Randolph claimed the Falcon’s only victory with an improbable comeback in the decathlon and he led a core of six Falcons to […]

The Runaround

As the sun set one beautiful evening last week, I couldn’t help but think that I have a lot in common with the largest star in our galaxy. For one, I am hot. Also, similar to solar vapor, I give off an alluring air that is equal parts confidence and Old Spice Red Zone. But […]

Political power has a price

As soon as the presidential election returns came in, America began buzzing about the new political power of religion. All the major news outlets have repeatedly claimed that the difference in the 2004 presidential election was provided by conservative evangelical Christians, and that the religious right has been quick to capitalize on this new-found influence […]

It’s a tough world out there

Not granted a speaking appointment at the graduation ceremonies this year despite my obvious reputation as a qualified, albeit na•ve and short-sighted, orator, I longed for a place to impart my wisdom. Speaking, as it were, never was my milieu. I had a high school valedictorian speech disallowed for content reasons, I stuttered terribly in […]

Christianity: more than rules

In response to various religious editorials run in The Falcon throughout this school year: I am an unequivocally wretched Christian. At my writing this, I have not read my Bible today, nor did I yesterday. I have not attended church in two weeks. The last time I went to group, I did not worship, because […]

Starvation not a dead issue

Sitting in my room, I turned on the TV to watch a movie and something caught my attention. It was a new fad diet – the "raw food diet" – in which people eat nothing but uncooked roots, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The program "All Access: Celebrity Diets," on VH1, mentioned that the diet didn’t […]