SPU students feel stereo typed by gender

The typical SPU man as described by SPU sophomore Erin McCullough is "chivalrous, creative, a bit crazy, yet somehow quite focused on their schoolwork, determined to do well in college, never sleeps and yet always finishes their homework." "And they’ll surprise you every time," continued McCullough. Conversely, the typical SPU woman, as described by SPU […]

N.T. Wright addresses evil, novel

Hundreds of students who turned out to hear the man whom President Phil Eaton called a "model for what our vision is for [SPU]" were turned away by security guards on Wednesday night. The remaining audience packed the room for Anglican Bishop Dr. N.T. Wright’s first of three public lectures covering a Christian response to […]

The Runaround

With 12 credits this quarter — five of which are online, two of which account for this meager column and five more of which actually kind of sort of challenge me — I have a lot of free time on my hands. As such, I have taken to blowing my time on such mindless activities […]

Rugby gets in game

SPU’s Rugby team played their first home game this past Thursday at Wallace Field, and had amazing crowd support in their 10-5 loss to Seattle University. Sophomore David Hori, who plays on the team said, "I was thrilled at how many fans were out there. I really appreciate everyone who came out and showed their […]

SPU track sends eight to nationals

Saturday’s 19th annual Ken Foreman Invitational brought with it high hopes for several Falcon athletes who were looking to qualify for nationals at the last chance meet. Unfortunately, the majority of hopefuls were unable to meet the necessary standards and will not be competing in Texas over Memorial Day weekend. "I’m always hopeful that we’ll […]

Despite doubts, ETS is still a concern

Colin MacGregor recently argued in his article "False ETS advertising" that "there isn’t a single study that has been done that proves there is a significant danger in secondhand smoke." He also suggests that environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) as a health hazard is a media creation similar to folk lore about needles in Coca-Cola. Although […]

Goodbye to ‘Family Guy’

What do you get when you mix an overweight factory man, a housewife/piano teacher, a moody teenage daughter, a dimwit son, a one-year-old genius and a scholarly dog? Well, Sundays on FOX at 9 p.m. you get "Family Guy" — the revived, boisterously entertaining show about the Griffins. Once bumped due to lack of space […]