A&E Calendar

Today Catch SPU’s play "The Inner Circle" at the E.E. Bach Theater. The play focuses on four college freshman and the challenges they face when one of them contracts AIDS. Cost: $8 for students Time: 7:30 p.m. Location: E.E. Bach Theater Phone: (206) 281-2959 Thursday Watch Thalia Symphony’s end of the year concert at First […]

SPU’s legal addiction

Early mornings, late nights, lots of homework and caffeine. Note the connection. With the end of the quarter nearing and finals coming in less than two weeks, students all over campus will turn to the cup — the cup of coffee that is. College students’ reliance on caffeine to get them through the day is […]

Clothing store goes brand-free

"Two-hundred dollars for a few cotton t-shirts!" cried SPU junior Stacey Plummer as she surveyed her selections at the new American Apparel store in the University District. "I never imagined that it would be that much," she said, "it just doesn’t seem like it should be." After putting a few things back, Plummer got away […]

Healthy intentions not enough

Comment cards in the C-Store show students asking for healthier foods, but purchasing records reflect that the most popular items are the king-sized candy bars, like Snickers, and 99-cent bags of chips, like Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream. Students say that they prefer salad and whole fruit, according to the Food Preference Survey done by […]

Reversing the ratio

When Lisa Taylor was asked about her numerous male classmates, she rolled her eyes and shook her head. She said she’d been teased quite a few times about her major’s "backwards ratio." "I really just try and be one of the guys," Taylor said, and shrugged. Taylor, a sophomore, is one of the few women […]

Design, not evolution

After every seat was filled, people crowded into the aisles and even stood in the back of the lecture hall. It seemed that Demeray Hall’s largest room could not hold all the students and community members who came to hear Dr. William Dembski speak. Dembski, a philosopher of science and author of several books, spoke […]