Injuries factor into rugby loss

Everybody loves playing around in the mud and rain, but the combination of that and a much larger Seattle University (SU) rugby squad proved too much for the Falcons to handle this week in their 18-0 loss at SU. A depleted squad of Falcons had a rough time handling the Redhawks, who were much bigger and faster out of the gate.

"We pretty much lost the game within the first minute," freshman Lance Chisum said. "We had to work our way back up." The Redhawks scored two trys within the first five minutes. "It settled down after that, but they still scored one on us," said freshman captain Joel Mooers. Their (SU’s) sideline support was very intimidating as well. "They were a bunch of jerks," said Chisum. "That was kind of annoying."

The Falcons were missing four of their biggest guys on Friday, which played a huge factor when it came to brute strength. They were missing Danny Clements and Adam "Putz" Ludlow due to eardrum injuries, along with Elliott Johnson from 6th Ashton and grad student Mark Barany. "We had no subs, and the rain made it real nasty," said Mooers. "We had passing issues somewhat," said Chisum. "We had some big hits, and we will totally kick butt next year!" Indeed, the Falcons are getting a professional coach who has played some international rugby. The Falcons hope the added coaching will help them to learn better how to play as a team, a common complaint amongst players interviewed.

Clements and Ludlow should be back this week to play according to other players on the team. Clements said that there was huge disappointment on his part when he found out that he couldn’t play, but according to his doctor, Clements said, "If I get hit there again hard, I might lose my hearing permanently in that ear." He apparently got an "awake concussion", but he also said that, "It sounded like there was a train going through my head." He will be able to play games fully in autumn when the season re-starts.

So what will these men do now that they have no more games? They will have a "summer 7’s league," which will mainly include the "backs," who are the more athletically trim and quicker members of the team. "It will be mainly with guys that are in the area during the summer," said Mooers, who also has made an informal invite to anyone else who would like to come and try rugby out for themselves, and/or are interested in joining the team next year. The men practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 9 p.m. down on Wallace Field during the school year.

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