Rugby Club gets uniforms

The Seattle Pacific University Rugby Club is being allocated $660 by Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP) for the purchase of team uniforms so they can participate in league play.

The catch, however, is that the money has to be repaid by June 1.

"In my mind, it did no good," Hill Hall senator Chris Schumacher said of the ASSP Senate passing a proposal to lend the Rugby Club the money.

On April 18 the Senate met to discuss the Rugby Club’s request for team jerseys. "In order to compete in a competitive league participants must have matching uniforms," the proposal states. Authored by James Sterling Rector and Chad Knight, captains of the Rugby Club, the proposal outlines the need for uniforms and explains that "[r]ugby team members have displayed their commitment to the club by each contributing nearly 50% of the total uniform costs by fundraising events and personal money."

The club requires 22 uniforms at sixty dollars each, a total of $1320. They have already raised $660 and were asking that the additional $660 be covered by ASSP.

"I felt like it was a worthy cause," said Schumacher, a co-sponsor of the proposal. "We have quite a bit of money left," he said, noting that about $2000 is still in the General Fund.

Schumacher said Senate rejected an attempt to amend the proposal that would have eliminated the revenue line, allowing for the Rugby Club to be given the money without having any further obligations.

Science and Engineering Senator Rick Slater said senate was hesitant to pass the proposal because of a prior incident in which the Hockey Club, which is no longer in existence, was loaned money but never paid it back. The money has still never been repaid and the captain of the team, who no longer attends SPU, has his transcripts held until the money is returned.

The Hockey Club incident was brought up in the meeting, Slater said, and probably contributed to the rejection of the amended proposal. "(Some senators) felt we were binding the hands of future senators," Slater said of giving the Rugby Club money gratis.

The concern was that other club sports would then come asking for money and Senate would appear to be obligated, Schumacher said.

"Even if we set a precedent (by giving the Rugby Club the money)," Schumacher said, "well then the precedent’s pretty low." He said senate could easily allocate a set amount of money for each sports club so that none would be given more than another.

School of Business and Economics Senator B.J. Louws said some areas need to be clarified before ASSP can allocate the money. "We’re going to have to set up some guidelines," he said. He would have preferred tabling the proposal for a week or two and having the Committee for Student Clubs drawing up some rules regarding giving money to sports clubs.

"We don’t normally give money to sports clubs because we think that’s the job of the athletic department," Louws said. He noted, however, that Title IX may restrict the AD from giving money to men’s sports because of the male to female ratio at SPU.

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