College student tried for hate crimes

CHICAGO — A black college student was charged with a hate crime Tuesday, accused of sending racist notes to other minority students at Illinois’ Trinity International University. Police said Alicia A. Hardin, 19, admitted Monday evening that she had written and mailed the three threatening letters to acquaintances because she was unhappy attending the conservative […]

Seeking forgiveness for debts

Poor nations in the global south are severely restricted by debt, a panel of activists said at a forum sponsored by the Jubilee Northwest Coalition Monday. The payments on the debt that these countries owe to international corporations like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) keeps them from developing programs for necessities […]

Panel publicizes stem cell guidelines

With stem cell research advancing more quickly than the government’s desire to regulate it, a national advisory panel on Tuesday called for the creation of oversight boards at universities and other institutions to prevent scientists from crossing delicate moral and ethical boundaries. New stem cell lines should not be created without the consent of those […]

Dancers back on track

The After Choir Flava’ dance group is back in Beegle Hall after a two week recess due to being asked to leave the building by SPU and the Music Department because the group was not an official SPU club. After Choir Flava’, better known around campus as ACF, was started last year by a few […]

A punch, a threat, a choice

Four men circled sophomores Jon Larson, Christopher Hanson and their friend Christophe Horn. Questions followed. What were they doing in Golden Gardens Park? Were they taking pictures of the four mens’ young women friends? Where was the camera? As Larson watched, one of the men clocked his roommate Hanson in the face. Larson moved to […]

Being Catholic at SPU

Conversion from the Free Methodist faith to Catholicism is not often seen at SPU. It had not been seen at all in the philosophy department until 1998, when professor Phil Goggans decided that this was the right thing for him to do. Goggans, who had been raised in the United Methodist Church and became part […]

The Runaround

Cedric Benson and I are a lot alike. We are both college students — Benson a senior at Texas, myself a senior at a school people like to pronounce "spew." We both have an affinity for football — Benson enjoys playing the sport, I enjoy living vicariously through possession receivers. We both have dreadlocks — […]