Life is bigger than eternity

Matt Bollinger’s article on Universalism fall quarter caused me to seriously reconsider my own picture of the afterlife, particularly as it relates to this life. Universalists point to some very interesting contradictions in the normal conception of Heaven, Hell and the ultimate justice that these places supposedly mete out. On the surface, eternal punishments or […]

Staff Editorials

In Seattle, and at SPU, we are concerned with a great many things: politics, morality, economics and the environment. In a city known for its recycling and conservation, and at a university concerned with being good stewards of the earth, we are surprisingly unconcerned about the sources of our energy. In America the majority of […]

A&E Calendar

Today Stop by Elliot Bay Book Company for their open mike night, with P. Dawg as the emcee. Feel free to listen, read or just relax. Location: 101 S. Main St. Time: 7:30 p.m., sign-ups begin at 7 p.m. Cost: Free Contact: (206) 682-6664 Thursday See a video installation called "Interiors," by Doug Aitkin, at […]

PBS show makes visit to campus

What to do after graduation? For seniors, along with the general population of college students, this is often a dreaded question. Regardless of how near or far graduation might be, there are many who do not have an "acceptable" answer. Some talk of graduate school, others of career paths. Some mention traveling to Europe or […]

Refugee awareness promoted by film

Last Friday Campus Ministries sponsored a viewing of Hotel Rwanda in Demaray Hall 150. The response was impressive, according to Assistant Urban Ministry Advisor Owen Sallee. The movie, starring Don Cheadle, is centered on one man’s attempts to save his family from the genocides in Rwanda in 1994. Freshman Lauren Jenkins said she found the […]

Exploring non-profits

Seattle Pacific students looking for full-time employment and summer jobs will have to decide which sector of the economy they would like to contribute to, and with April being a month of campus events highlighting Christians in the workplace, much attention has been geared to the for-profit sector. But the non-profit sector is also a […]