AIDS not punishment

Do you see orange? No, I’m not talking about the cover of last week’s Falcon, but rather last week’s annual AIDS awareness campaign in which participants wore bright orange shirts with the word "ORPHAN" spread across their chest and the Acting on Aids website on the back. Each person wearing the shirt represented a statistic […]

Staff Editorials

Blogs, they are so hot right now. A blog, for those of you who have lived in outer space for the last year, is an online journal; it is a place to post thoughts, observations or the dramas of everyday life. Some of the most trusted journalist use blogs as a source of information and […]

Hotspots provide more access

Wireless Internet access is spreading throughout the campus, helping students finish tasks on laptops and other portable computers, while keeping them free from a desk. Not very many students know where wireless access is available around campus. Mike Dunphy from Computer and Information Systems (CIS) said only about 10 wireless devices are logged onto the […]

Road Trip Guide

You’ve finished those finals, packed up for the break and the quarter has officially ended. There’s nothing left to do but go home, watch T.V. and be bored. Why not take a road trip this spring break? It’s a spontaneous and cheap way to travel, a great way to get to know people in your […]

Spring Break Q&A

What are you doing this year for Spring Break? <img src="/images/photos04/2005-03-09/mugs//Lopez.jpg" alt="Lopez" />Leana Lopez: freshman “Backpacking in Texas.” <img src="/images/photos04/2005-03-09/mugs//Johnson.jpg" alt="Johnson" />Susie Johnson: sophomore “Traveling in Canada, touring around Vancouver Island.” <img src="/images/photos04/2005-03-09/mugs//Tuggle.jpg" alt="Tuggle" />Josh Tuggle: sophomore “Camping at Cannon Beach.” <img src="/images/photos04/2005-03-09/mugs//Web.jpg" alt="Webb" />Callie Webb, Kendra Sexton, Jessica Miller and Brittany Petaja: freshmen “We’re going […]

Soulful music that’s simple

Singer/songwriter Isaac Barham (prefers to be called Isaac) is no stranger to the music scene. He’s been playing and writing music in the Seattle area for 14 years now, since the awkward, girl-hating, squeaky-voiced age of 15. Wringing songs from the soul, with soul, and for the soul, Isaac creates catchy tunes that are both […]

SPU is on facebook has arrived, and it has swept more than 890 students into its fold since SPU was added to the online networking database for college students on March 1. Hundreds of college campuses are members of this online directory, which launched in February 2004. "It’s addictive," sophomore Lynsey Neal said. "I have one friend who […]