SPU Sports Pulse

Get out your knee socks and strap on your headband and your goggles, because intramural racket sports are coming. Spring quarter sports aren’t just about softball and soccer; there is a bevy of one-day, racket-related events in the coming months. Badminton and pickle ball are alternatives to the usual brand of intramural sports fodder. These […]

SPU gets win in Brougham

It has been four years since it last happened. The Falcons were ready this time, and when the opportunity came, they took it and ran with it. Friday night Sacramento State (8-8) walked into Royal Brougham looking for a victory but what they left with was the taste of defeat. Last season Sacramento State handed […]

The Runaround

Other than walking around Capitol Hill late at night, there is nothing that reminds me more of the great divide between the secular and Christian worlds than spring break. Last spring break, I went on a mission trip. Every other person my age, according to MTV, was having sex. But where the tawdry month of […]

20 is magic number

No, "March Madness" is not called that because of the intense studying done on the part of students cramming for finals. It is not because the weather here goes through about a bajillion different phases trying to figure out what season it is. No, it’s because of 64 teams that have trained all season, shed […]

SPU to host regionals

For the third year in a row, SPU will host the NCAA Division II West Regional Women’s Basketball Tournament thanks to a weekend sweep of the Alaska schools by the No. 4-ranked Falcons. The Falcons (25-2) not only have experience as an advantage to carry with them this weekend, but they also boast a 28-game […]