SPU Sports Pulse

If you hear students cursing El Nino under their breath in the last few days before Christmas break, there’s a good chance that said grumpy mumblers are skiers or snowboarders lamenting the adverse effects of the recent tropical weather on snow-lovers’ precious slopes. Either that or they are fretting over a Spanish final. Here’s a […]

The Runaround

For years, Santa Claus has been faithful to maintain a naughty/nice list that provided a rule for all boys and girls. His guidelines for gift-getting made the world a wonderful place for two or three weeks leading up to Christmas, as children across the globe traded in their bratty ways for charitable deeds. The naughty/nice […]

A Hawaiian holiday

The Falcon men’s basketball team left Hawaii knowing a little bit more about themselves. After winning Thanksgiving night against Hillsdale, Mich. 77-68, the Falcons took a beating on Friday night against the host Hawaii Hilo Vulcans, losing 70 to 84. They showed that they weren’t going to be phased by an off night, however, as […]

It couldn’t last forever

The last time it happened was three years ago. On Thursday, the SPU women’s basketball team experienced something that had not been felt by an SPU women’s basketball team since the 2001-2002 season – a regular season loss. The Falcons (3-1) fell to the University of North Dakota 85-73 at the Betty Engelstad Thanksgiving Classic. […]

SPU policy hinders cultural engagement

There was once a university committed to a noble mission. Its goal was training students to be forceful leaders engaging a world entrenched in materialism and disillusioned by pedantic religiosity. And the university came from a noble tradition of doing precisely that. The university’s founders had championed temperance, combated poverty, reformed families and educated Christian […]

The arts need support

Who here saw “The Glass Menagerie” when SPU performed it a few weeks ago? Please raise your hand. Yes, that’s right. Only a few of you. You can put your hands down now. SPU has a serious issue on its hands that few people are aware of, which is part of the problem. This issue […]

Staff Editorial

Monday night, SPU witnessed a courageous act of grace and composure. The parents of Rachel Corrie, a peace activist killed while fighting for justice on the Gaza Strip, shared their story with the campus. Craig and Cindy Corrie stood before a classroom-sized group of students, professors and others, picking up where their daughter left off […]