Jazz redefines author’s faith

There are some things in life that simply cannot be explained away by reason and examination. Even the most educated and well-versed theologians still disagree about various aspects of Christianity and Christian spirituality. So where do you look once you’ve studied all the books of the Bible and can spout out the ten commandments like […]

Perkins legacy arrives at SPU

It was not only a day of building on tradition; it was the birth of something new. October 20, SPU’s third annual Day of Common Learning marked the official opening of the John Perkins Center for Reconciliation, Leadership Training and Community Development at SPU. The Center partners SPU with the John Perkins Foundation in Jackson, […]

Students risk most in election

The upcoming election will change the lives of students more than they know, a panel of four SPU professors from various disciplines agreed in a political forum last night. Although they had different opinions on how to solve them, panel members pointed to Iraq, the Supreme Court and elder care as pressing problems that will […]

Wall: ‘It ain’t good sex’

Sexual intercourse outside of heterosexual marriage — or even desiring it — undermines God’s good order for students’ lives, according to Rob Wall’s speech Thursday afternoon at First Free Methodist Church. Wall, an SPU professor of theology, emphasized the heart and mind as key to understanding the sexual issue at SPU, in the third of […]

Perkins draws large audience

Royal Brougham Pavilion was brimming with students and faculty who had come to hear racial reconciliation advocate John Perkins speak at the third annual Day of Common Learning. Then Vice President of Academic Affairs Les Steele announced the bad news: Perkins was still in Alabama, where he had had a speaking engagement the day before. […]