Year in Review

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The Runaround

Throughout the year, I have come to discover that a lot of my audience is female. Through no fault of mine, I have had many girls come up to me and tell me that they read my column and enjoy it despite their relative sports ignorance. I have a few theories about this. 1. Girls […]

Randolph takes bronze

Whoever said that practice makes perfect? Certainly that doesn’t apply to Seattle Pacific sophomore Chris Randolph who was sidelined by a severe ankle sprain for almost two months and still managed to place third in the decathlon at nationals last weekend. Randolph was the lone male athlete from SPU in Walnut, Calif. last weekend at […]

There’s complexity in sexuality

My goal in this short article is to provide at least a glimpse of the complexity of our sexuality, and to acknowledge how little we know about its development. My ultimate hope is that we will find ourselves approaching questions and taking positions on topics regarding homosexuality with greater humility and gentleness. Human Sexuality is […]

Annotated bibliography on Christianity and homosexuality

Suggested reading On homosexuality, I remain to this point a convinced conservative, somewhere on the Holben typology from "Call to costly discipleship" to "Pastoral accommodation" ("What Christians think about homosexuality", below). Nonetheless, I’ve tried to include a goodly portion of revisionist thinking as well. This has been organized within subsections chronologically, from most recent to […]

Heterosexuality reflects Trinity

The wonder of who God is lies at the heart of biblical revelation and of all theological understanding. Theological reflection on human sexuality is rooted in the nature and character of God. This is not because God is sexual, but because something about our being male and female conveys the image of God. "So God […]