The Runaround

Country music. I don’t get it. Unfortunately, my friends do, and they work very hard to convince me that there is some redeemable quality in it. However, either through my blind musical ignorance or the fact that country music really does suck, I just don’t get it. As evidence, a recent attempt at my conversion […]

Dickson returns to track

This time last year Karen Dickson was not even on the SPU track team. She was busy trying to juggle a biology major coupled with minors in chemistry and Spanish. She was not even running on a consistent basis – just a few times a week for pleasure and exercise. What a difference a year […]

SPU prepares for national stage

For six Falcon athletes, the NCAA Division II Track and Field Championships offer a chance to make a name for themselves in a season of great accomplishment. For one Falcon coach, the championships provide a sneak preview of an up-and-coming Falcon track program that should be a fixture at the national level for years to […]

Using Old Testament in debate

In the present Church debate regarding homosexuality even the usually neglected Old Testament (OT) has come into play. Typically, traditionalists cite the story about Sodom (Genesis 19), the Levite’s concubine (Judges 19) or texts such as Leviticus 18:22; 20:13. Passages like these ostensibly demonstrate that the OT absolutely condemns homosexual behavior. The early chapters of […]

Growing sense of disappointment

Like every good college student I spend a large portion of my time doing nothing on the Internet, bouncing from Web site to Web site. Some people call it "surfing." I call it "studying." Recently this absolute waste of time has been channeled into something at least a little productive; I have been following the […]

Staff Editorials

The Iona Discernment Journey is just one of many opportunities available through the university to study and travel abroad. Students who have not already done so should take advantage of these opportunities before they graduate. There are eight study abroad programs directly affiliated with SPU. These programs include British Isles, Costa Rica Nursing, European Studies, […]

Enough civilian death

Last winter, shortly before we invaded Iraq, I attended an SPU forum on the pros and cons of starting a war there. The most startling thing about that event was that throughout the entire evening, only one question was asked concerning the effect military action would have on the civilian population of Iraq. Professors Braden […]