On Versus off-campus

On Friday, students living in residence halls received information that would seal their domestic fate for next year — their housing packets. Perhaps some students are trembling with anticipation of another spectacular year replete with glorious hikes three times a day up to Ashton Hall. Perhaps some are blissfully awaiting entrance to the bungalow in […]

News Briefs

Reconciliation forum Pastor Flora Wilson of Madrona Presbyterian Church and Pastor Dale Sewall of Mercer Island Presbyterian Church will share their experiences with biblical reconciliation during a forum on Thursday at 9:30 a.m. at First Free Methodist Church. For more information, contact Mary DeJong at (206) 281-2456 or mdejong@spu.edu. Talent Show DVDs available 2004 Talent […]

Health survey more in depth

At the mention of "lifestyle survey," students living on campus may recall the springtime ritual involving surveys issued by Residence Life consisting of a pink Scantron, a pinky-sized No. 2 pencil and, at the most, 10 minutes of the students’ time during a floor meeting. Last week this survey was changed to assess student life […]

Alcohol policy goes to a vote

The student vote on drinking off campus will not change the policy but will provide information for the administration, Kathleen Braden said. Students aren’t the only stakeholders on the issue, said Kathleen Braden, dean of students and associate vice president of academic affairs. "Alumni, parents and the board of trustee members all have strong opinions […]

More to school than grades

New York Times columnist David Brooks said college students today focus too much on good grades and successful careers and not enough on developing good character, in his speech in Upper Gwinn Tuesday. Brooks came up with this information after visiting 60 universities around the United States. "There’s a lot of ambition to have a […]

Healthy body image promoted

Gasps and whispers of "Oh, my gosh!" rustled through the dim room as the audience looked at the images flashing across the screens on either side of them. The ads weren’t anything they hadn’t seen before on the magazine rack of a Safeway checkout stand, posted on billboards along the highway or anywhere else. But […]

Healthy body image promoted

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