Staff Editorial

Every student has an obligation to vote on Thursday’s upcoming referendum for Proposal 53, which is a proposal to reform the alcohol policy at SPU. The online vote will give students the chance to say whether they are for or against allowing of age commuter students to consume alcohol off-campus. While it is important to […]

Equal work, unequal wages

I am not a "feminazi." I don’t constantly bemoan the oppressive nature of our patriarchal society. I don’t insist on calling a certain academic discipline "herstory." I don’t tell male-bashing jokes at parties (not all parties, at least). Finally, I most certainly do not condone burning of feminine undergarments (you know the kind I’m referring […]

A&E calendar

Today Pastor Judah Smith, an eighth generation pastor, will be speaking at the extension of the City Church’s youth group at University of Washington. The youth group is mainly college students and hosts worship and preaching. Cost: Free Time: 9 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Phone: (425) 803-3233 Place: Kane Hall, University of Washington Thursday Paul […]

SPU recognizes 31 student employees

David Johnson has worked for Agros International since the beginning of his college career in the fall of 2000. From the very start, he has "impressed" his supervisors and co-workers with his technical acumen. "His ability is almost unparalleled for someone his age," said Johnson’s supervisor Justin Sundberg. "Who David is as a person, however, […]

SPU recognizes 31 student employees

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