Tragedy befalls student

Rachel Joy Schneider started classes as a freshman at Seattle Pacific on Sept. 29th. At that time, she had heard no new news about her friend Kelly Bullwinkle, who had disappeared three weeks earlier. Kelly Bullwinkle disappeared in Redlands, Calif. on Sept. 13th. There was no information as to her whereabouts and her friends had […]

A&E Calendar

Today To get into the spirit of Christmas, go enjoy a play dedicated to the errors of a man trying to be Santa Claus. This humorous production is being put on by the Valley Community Players, so go savor their holiday treat, "Sorry, Wrong Chimney." Cost: $11 to $13 Time: 8 p.m. Phone: (425) 226-5190 […]

Sushi spot provides classy fare

It beckons from the street … a beacon of fine cuisine, a gallery of über-modern architecture and assuaging atmosphere, an intersection of cultures. An atmosphere of alluring aesthetics fuses with traditional and modern Japanese cuisine. Blue C Sushi features samurai movies projected onto the far wall — a tastefully eccentric note reflecting Fremont and the […]