Conflict calls disc jockey Dravus PA

If you were to send an e-mail to senior Steve Campbell, his "out-of-office" message would say, "Gone to War." The former Peer Advisor (PA) of 37 and 49 West Dravus apartments was forced to vacate his position and leave school when he was called to duty two weeks ago. Sophomore and former KSPU DJ Justin Babbitt was also called to service at this time.

Acquaintances of the two spoke of the loss and its impact.

Senior Jesse Keely, Babbitt’s roommate in Robbins apartments, said he misses his friend but supports his cause.

"He loves being a Marine," said Keely, "and he has a strong commitment to his country."

Residence Life Coordinator Nick Herberger commented on Campbell’s character.

"The big story is that we lost a phenomenal person," he said, "That’s what’s important."

According to Herberger, Campbell is currently at Camp Pendleton in southern California. He will be in Iraq for a minimum of 12 months after that.

Tony Martin, assistant residence life coordinator, is filling in for Campbell until a permanent replacement can be found for his position.

Even though students called to war may not finish out the year, they still have an opportunity to complete their education without penalty, Herberger said.

Students called to service are receiving full refunds for this quarter as well as "incompletes" for their classes, with two years to finish the work, or more if they need it, according to Herberger.

Campbell, an electrical engineering major, said that he was taking an incomplete and is going to attempt to finish school during active duty.

He also commented on the romantic relationship he was leaving behind, saying he was not worried about how he and his girlfriend would handle the distance.

"She’s a strong woman," Campbell said.

Kathleen Braden, associate vice president and dean of students, said her first concern for the students called to duty is safety.

"If we do end up in a military conflict, I think it’s important to pray that everyone gets home safely," she said.

Keeley echoed Braden’s concern.

"It’s scary to think that he might not come back," said Keely.

Junior Curtis Romjue, PA of First Robbins, said having students called to duty makes the war seem more personal.

"It makes war seem a reality when people you know are being called to active duty," he said.

Herberger agreed.

"Talk about war hitting home," said Herberger. "Dang … this is the real deal."

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