Reflecting on Urban Plunge

From what I gathered from Lily Reishman’s (April 10) editorial on Urban Plunge, there is some confusion about this event’s purpose. For everyone’s sake it might do us well to clear up the well-meaning confusion. The Urban Plunge is sponsored by Urban Involvement and takes place twice a year, during the first five days of […]

Scripture can speak for itself

Without replying directly to the range of opinion expressed about church-sponsored Bible studies held on our campus in previous issues of The Falcon, let me suggest a triad of criteria by which such campus Bible studies may be evaluated in the future. Before doing so, I should remind us all that a university is not […]

Staff Editorials

The Internet filter meant to block the university’s access to objectionable material has not worked since about early December. Although it was to be reinstated last quarter, it clearly is still not in place. According to Dave Tindall, executive director of Computer and Information Systems (CIS), the proxy filters were off-line pending a hardware purchase. […]

‘Scorpion’ low in plot, high in muscle

Finally! The pre-Abrahamic blockbuster we’ve been waiting for, complete with action, adventure, romance, more action and the tongue-in-cheek humor so prevalent in "The Mummy" series. This spin-off/sequel further elaborates on a character briefly introduced in "The Mummy Returns" and tells his story through the use of abundant, bloodless violence and slapstick. "The Scorpion King" takes […]