Service Compensation Update

Changes to student compensated positions for the 2002-2003 school year were passed at student government ASSP senate on Monday.

Each year, according to ASSP President Emily Cochran, the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) evaluates student compensated positions and makes a recommendation to the senate body on what these positions should be paid the following school year.

The changes to these positions were presented in senate by the CRC on Feb. 25 and were unanimously passed by the senate body on Monday.

These are the changes to the compensation of student employees under ASSP. The changes were passed by the senate body on Monday. Student employees are compensated by a percentage of tuition.

-A new position, Public Relations Manager, has been added to replace the current Director of Student Resources (DSR). The PR Manager will cover some of the responsibilities that are currently performed by the DSR and will not be required to attend senate like the DSR currently does.

-Media Equipment Coordinator will receive a decrease in pay from 20 to 17 percent of tuition. The decrease will be implemented because fewer hours will be expected of them than previously.

-Sprint Coordinator will receive an increase in pay from 35 to 36 percent of tuition. This increase is a result of a greater level of responsibility that is now required of this position.

-Urban Involvement (UI) Coordinator will receive an increase from 31 to 33 percent of tuition. This increase is a result of the large growth in the UI program, which has brought about greater responsibility.

-Latreia Coordinator will have an increase in pay from 18 to 22 percent.

-Student Union Board Executive Director who currently receives 35 percent of tuition will receive 38 percent next year. This increase is due to the CRC attempting to make the position more comparable to other ASSP positions that require a similar amount of hours and responsibilty.

-Second Essence Editor-in-Chief will receive an increase in pay from 25 to 28 percent of tuition.

-Residence Hall Ministry Coordinators will receive 13 percent of tuition, which is an increase from 12 percent because of the level of responsibility and visibility of the position.

– Falcon Editor-in-Chief will receive a pay decrease from 53 to 52 percent. This is due to the CRC’s decision to make the pay equivalent to that of ASSP Executive Vice President, who chairs the Board of Student Media.

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