A close look at gun violence

From Kip Kinkel’s rampage in Oregon to the tragedy at Columbine to recent plots uncovered in Cleveland, school violence remains a plague on our society. Often reports of these events become so ubiquitous that we forget the immense tragedy involved. The fact that more plots are being uncovered suggests that this problem is not being […]

Fashion should not define us

Recently I attended a concert in Bellingham. On the bill were Aveo, Dismemberment Plan and Death Cab for Cutie. The music was great, but that wasn’t the only thing I noticed at the concert. Even at such a small show there were myriad genres represented. There were the standard Seattle concert-goers–the "alternative" kids. You know […]

Staff Editorials

It is not surprising that college students are plotting to squeeze a few more days out of spring break by skipping classes early next quarter. What is rather confusing–especially considering when Easter Sunday falls this year–is that they have to. Concerns over accreditation, according to University Registrar Ruth Adams, will bring students back for, at […]