Lord of the Rings

Dec. 19. Do you know why Dec. 19 is one of the year’s most anticipated dates for some people? Do you know why thousands of people are more anxious for Dec. 19 than for Dec. 25? Dec. 19 is the opening day of the first installment of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, "The Fellowship […]

‘Spy Game’ entertains

Do you like to watch spy movies? Sure, we all do. Do you like spy movies with bulletproof heroes who can pick off dozens of heavily armed enemy agents while operating an excessively fast motorcycle in rush hour traffic? If you answered no to the last question, you’ll probably enjoy "Spy Game." With Brad for […]

Bubble tea

For those of you looking for something new to try, check out the craze popping up in Seattle as well as several other cities. The item that’s catching worldwide attention is a tea from Taiwan called pearl milk tea, also more commonly known as bubble tea in the United States. This drink first originated in […]

Body art

They are hidden under shirtsleeves, taken out before work, kept from parents and sometimes displayed for the public to see. Receiving one of them can break your bank. Occasionally, they are even known to cause pain. What are these mysterious things? They are tattoos, henna and body piercing, all a part of expressing one’s personality […]