Thoughts and prayers of staff, students and friends

Matt Fiess


When they find the right people, they should act.

<p align="justify">This event has changed the world that we live in.

Emily Cochran


I believe we, as a nation, must be very careful to seek justice in all its aspects. Just as we wish Americans to enjoy safety and well-being, we need to consider the worth and rights of all people, including South Asians.

<p align="justify">I pray that we will practice cautious restraint acting not out of revenge but in pursuit of ongoing peace.

Cienna Thomas


I can’t figure out any good response–but I know we do need to respond in some way.

<p align="justify">We need to pray, pray, pray.

Mary Hemme


The U.S. should look for peaceful solutions and rely on diplomacy and mediated discussion. We need to take an honest look at our foreign policy and seek options to support self-sufficiency of countries instead of reliance on markets and intervention in rebellions.

<p align="justify">We need to act cautiously, seeking wisdom in prayer. Our alliances are fragile. Also, we do not want to establish a chain of attacks and retaliation as has happened for decades between Israelis and Palestinians.

Nathan Brouwer


I think there should be some form of surgical bombing or commando operations to disable any associated organizations. Large-scale operations should be avoided to avoid ruining foreign relations in the Middle East.

<p align="justify">I think there should be some dialogue regarding U.S. policy in the Mideast and how some of our policies may incite ill will towards the U.S..

Dejah Lee


Action should be taken against those responsible, but the U.S. should be careful [not to] hurt innocent people in the process or we might prove to be as bad as the terrorists.

<p align="justify">I am amazed at the response of the American people–their willingness to help and the unity that it has brought.

Andrew Christianson


I believe that the U.S. needs to use its military power to persuade other nations to get involved in the "war on terrorism," not to demolish them.

<p align="justify">I think that this tragedy has proved that America has turned its back on God. We need to pray!

Louis Bozma


Use covert operations, not a full-blown attack. They need to find out why someone would be motivated to take their own life to create such destruction.

<p align="justify">The U.S. should be very careful with what they do and not make any hasty decisions.

Jim McDougall


First of all the word "revenge" should be eliminated from the country’s vocabulary. Also, we need to be cautious that we don’t repeat mistakes made in Vietnam by fighting an unconventional war with conventional methods.

Deacon Smith


We need to take action against all terrorists who have been involved in this tragedy and others who have been involved in similar ones.

<p align="justify">Surprisingly, President Bush has been doing an amazing job dealing with this challenge. His speeches have improved so much.

Kiesha Hall


See that justice is seen through. Hold the Taliban and terrorist-supporting officials responsible.

<p align="justify">My prayer is that people’s faith is multiplied; people are changed and it never leaves our hearts.

Brian Yokers


To take whatever measures are necessary to protect its people.

<p align="justify">I pray that the U.S. and those involved will resolve problems with the most minimal human suffering.

Tony Martin


Setting aside all the emotions to prepare for another year of school is hard. God has overcome me with peace though. I continue to pray that God would heal our nation and give us a sense in what we are to do next.

Mike Frentz


Make absolutely sure we know who is behind the attacks, then crush them.

<p align="justify">Q: What gripe could someone have with freedom to attack it in such a manner?

A: They don’t have it, so they don’t think anyone should.

Jessica Sandell


God has grace and mercy for bin Laden, so I think it is important to be Christ-like in this situation.

Erik Poole


Not sure. I don’t want to go to war, but I don’t think we should just wait and not do anything.

<p align="justify">I was visiting friends in Southern California when everything happened on the East Coast. I was supposed to fly home Tuesday, but my flight was cancelled. I kept trying to reschedule my flight and then it would be cancelled. I was worried I wouldn’t make it home in time to leave for school! But, I got on a flight Friday afternoon and finally made it home. Praise God.

Ryan Nash


Public media make things worse.

Susie England

Coord. of Student Programs

Find the right people and then take steps to respond–not cause a mass destruction.

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