Statistics of the effects on the SPU community

Military, Reservists and ROTC:

-Less than 50 SPU graduate and/or undergraduate students are members of the military, ROTC or reserves.

-There is only one faculty/staff member of the military, ROTC or reserves that has been identified at this time.

-One new student was supposed to start school in the autumn, but received her orders to ship out before orientation.

-Another student was told that he will get his orders, but he does not know when so he will attend school as normal.

-Any student who receives orders to ship out should contact Ruth Adams, the university registrar, at or 206-281-2548.

Students’ success in arriving on time for autumn quarter:

-There are about 98 international students currently enrolled to attend SPU. Of those, none have cancelled enrollment since the attack.

-Some students, both national and international, thought they may be late for autumn quarter, but all have arrived on time, according to Janet Ward, assistant vice president/dean of Enrollment Services.

-No students, both returning and incoming, chose not to attend school this autumn as a result of the terrorist attacks.

All information above was provided by Janet Ward.

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