Staff Editorials

Our generation may have had its defining moment on September 11. We are no longer the children with no cause to rally around; we have witnessed destruction, death and chaos like the United States has never seen. Rather than shrinking back in fear and frustration, thankfully, Americans have come together in a way that many […]

Hope in a new world

Like anxious relatives in an ER waiting room, we’ve huddled together this past week around our TVs, over prolonged long distant phone conversations, through gathering in historic numbers at churches, and in throngs filling spontaneous memorials with candles and flowers. "Any news? What have you heard? Is it really that bad? What’s going to happen […]

Preparing for war

It is difficult to find the appropriate words to respond to a national tragedy while also attempting to voice the concerns of a generation thrust into the midst of war preparations. God has nevertheless presented me with a task of this sort, and I am grateful for such an opportunity when so many others have […]

Faculty Speak at forum

On her way to visit her mother, she stopped to buy some flowers for the Islamic mosque to show the Muslim community that she does not blame them for the terrorist attacks. Upon arrival she noticed several people outside the mosque and first thought it was a protest. When she had a closer view, she […]

2001 graduate at ground zero

Even on Saturday, 11 days after the collapse of the Twin Towers, Jaclin Springer could still smell the smoke from the fiery wreckage. A first-year medical student at New York University (NYU), Springer graduated from SPU in June. Since Aug. 19 she has lived in a second-story apartment approximately one mile from the World Trade […]